Meeting minutes, 26 August 2018

Meeting 26 August 2018, 8.30am on Skype
Minutes by Annabelle

Topics we discussed

Nikola Tesla tower The impression I had was that it was operational offering wireless power but just in a small area. Note who refused to fund it. Also note further down the page the picture of Tesla sitting under the lightning bolt. Scalar is a higher form of power compared to electricity and not as harmful to the body. More info here on the power source and the tower

Scalar energy Annabelle: based on Tesla’s power studies. Scalar energy is drawn from the stars 24/7, as opposed to solar which is only when our sun is shining. Invention has been created to break down or build up molecules in the human body remotely via a photograph which is a light representation of the person. This is now proven to work on breaking down a multitude of supposedly “incurable” contagious diseases (including AIDS, STDs and Ebola), bacteria and Fungi and build up molecules such as deficiencies in calcium, iron, vitamins etc. Tom Paladino is the inventor. Tom’s machine is the same dimensions as the space in the top of each big pyramid which was originally thought to be for a small sarcophagus. Suggestion has been that pyramids were used like Tesla’s tower to collect power from the stars and wirelessly power the surrounding towns.

Alternate healing with sound waves via headphones – Nicole mentioned this. Would be interested to hear more.
Thought -> technology -> mind power Annabelle: Thoughts become things. We cannot create things without first thinking them up. As the human race evolves we will replace technology with our own mind power to do the same jobs.

Visualisation – Tay: thinking with images can be very powerful and more effective that using words or numbers. School lessens your ability to see in images and encourages students to only use words. Annabelle: can use Law of Attraction in seeing the end result desired,. Also left brain = analytical/logical brain and right brain = creative brain. School rewards use of the left brain as well as conforming and obedience, not unique creativity. Svetlana spoke of seeing in 5D as we move up one at the time we can see the images more clearly and understand things better.

Turn off the busy brain – Flo mentioned Anastasia encouraging this. Annabelle: when you learn to turn down the volume of the everyday thoughts, you have more “room” (create a void) to let intuition come to you (Svetlana: letting God speak to you), not just in little spurts, but in a flow of ideas.

New magnetic field around earth Svetlana – science discovered in April 2018 Light is being sent around the planet from centre of the galaxy. New nuclear star magnita (?) with blue particles. Would like to hear more about this.

Images – Svetlana: there was a science experiment about flower in another room. Subjects were asked to think about the flower and their thoughts made quantum waves out of particles. “Thoughts become reality” proven by science makes it easier to explain to people who would not normally believe spiritual teachings.

Vladimir, son of Anastasia may possibly be gardener in Putin’s house now he is an adult = his thought influences Putin.
Science showing hydrogen atom changed to “lighter” less dense version. Svetlana: Whole planet has moved to this lighter way of being. More people are aware of this. Also pharma no longer works in a less dense body. Open body heart chakra – adds love, trust, gratitude, compassion kindness. It lifts the person to the higher dimensions.

Ancient Chinese medicine uses herbs as well as energy. We wondered if Russian old age medicine (ie. thousands of years ago) used more than just plants. Annabelle suggested maybe story telling is what opened mindsets which changes energy.
Demonstrating a new way to live rather than preaching: This appears to be the new way to influence others. Flo: mentioned from Book 2 or 3 the story of little girl waiting for her mother to visit. Anastasia’s words opened her up to taking control of her life, living by demonstration (cleaning up the house and neighbourhood, being proud of where they live) which changed the whole village.

Positive visualisation: We had discussion around ignoring the negative and only focussing on the positive vs. facing the problem and acknowledging it so it can be cleaned up. Talked about the world still containing light and dark. Can we turn our thoughts to the positive without trying to sweep the negative under the carpet? Also pondered, when we find a negative and put a lot of effort into ignoring it, we in fact add energy to the negative. No conclusions here, just an interesting discussion.


No draft ready yet though we have collected some good resources to help build it as well as for the Charter. Suggestion is to start the draft in Google docs, then have discussion around edits via email. Another suggestion is to have an accompanying shared Google doc for the discussion so we can see each person’s ideas and thoughts before we edit. Tay is starting the Google Doc. Annabelle offered to help with sharing amongst group members if need be.


Although we didn’t focus on it every day we did remember sporadically. Tay seemed to get the best benefit out of this in opening the mind to more images. Annabelle found the vision of the party being popular and influential hard to see, found homesteads around the country easier.
This month weekly…
1 – green oasis planet emanating joy and light out to the universe – one big ball of light
2 – people finding their soul mate. A coming together in love.
3 – picture all MPs living on their own settlements with the people
4 – Gaia is creating a balanced and harmonious environment through the weather (current big topic in Oz)


Svetlana: to share on group page info on Russian Bards music and singing. (Flo wondered if little girl is now a singer). Also to find articles on hydrogen atom being less dense now. Perhaps if we can’t find an English article, Svetlana can translate a Russian article?
creates images within the songs about good being on the earth – makes people cry = energy shift, touches deeply.
Annabelle: find the Polish group and add to page
Tay to share the Google Doc so we can get started on the Constitution and Charter.

Topic for next month

Svetlana wants to organise festival of soul mates – or how it is described

Next meeting Sunday 30 September 8.30am

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  1. Hi
    I read and loved the Anastasia books years ago. It is our bright future! I live on the Gold Coast. And would like to now become more actively involved if possible.
    Thank you for sparking the dream in Australia

  2. Hi Karen, currently we (my fiancee and I) are working to set up our family homestead in the snowy mountains region of NSW. In the Ringing Cedars community we have one friend, Svetlana, who lives in your region. Here facebook or email me at and I can put you in touch with her email or phone.

    Currently I am brainstorming and thinking about rebuilding the website with new information, and the possibility of holding a Readers’ Conference on our land for Whole Earth Day 23 July 2019. I will publicise this on the website, on our facebook group and via the mailing list, which can be joined from the front page here

    All the best

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