Main ideas in the Ringing Cedars books, part 1

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Perfect the environment, perfect ourselves

The main idea of the Ringing Cedars books is to perfect our environment. Anastasia says and does everything around this central concept. We should cease destruction of the Earth and begin a great planetary project for perfection — a new civilisation of flourishing nature in agreement with the dream of our creator and eventually even better. Life is about Truth… Joy… Love… [1.14]

Anastasia calls the artificial world a slave owner, to which humanity has unwittingly bonded itself. [8.1.6] A “virus invaded the consciousness of one of the inhabitants”, and then spread aggressively, “destroying the living, perfect diversity of the planet, constructing in its place a primitive artificial world.” [8.1.13]

We must clean up the mess created by generations of technocratic activity. But don’t move too fast, especially not into remote and pristine wilderness. The dachniks (summer people) made their gardens right amidst the challenges of the technocratic world. “First, clean up your own mess, and in this way you will wash away your own sins,” Anastasia says. “Calm movement is essential.” [3.21

In Book 10, Anastasia reveals the simple words that outline the purpose of humanity’s existence on Earth. “Anastasia rose to her feet and, painstakingly speaking each word, said:


I believe that’s the best English translation. Susan Downing, translator of the authorised edition, chose: PERFECT THE DWELLING LAND [10.17] You can consult your dictionary and your soul and come up with your own. More literally, it could be translated as “perfect environment habitat”.

Anastasia says, “These are unusual, magic words from the Universal law. These are the most important words of all the Divine programs. With their help, it is possible to determine the degree to which both an individual person and humanity as a whole are necessary for the Universe. With their help it is possible to determine either the usefulness or futility of earthly laws conceived by people.”

“Perfect the dwelling land means perfect yourself. All that exists within the Universe and on Earth represents through itself a united dwelling land, inseparably interconnected, with humans at the center. Perfect the dwelling land means giving birth and raising children who are more perfected than you yourself. Each generation should be more perfected than the previous. For this to come about, the generation that comes before should present the following generation with a more perfected dwelling land.”

“In perfecting the dwelling land, humans perfects their own thought. The perfected dwelling land quickens and refines people’s thought. In perfecting the dwelling land, humans come to know immortality. In perfecting the dwelling land, humans turn the Earth into the most perfected planet of the Universe. Earthly perfection permits and help people to perfect other planets of the Universe. Universal perfection permits and helps people to create new worlds.” [10.17]

Indeed, perfecting our surroundings brings us to new levels of health, clarity, and intelligence. Most people have experienced that. After cleaning our space, we feel calmer, stronger and more able to love. Positive emotions predominate and the world is radiant with beauty. Humans are able to realise our true primordial nature, able to create together with our creator, and bring into reality the dream of a blossoming garden paradise on Earth.

“To create glorious living pictures, to comprehend and perfect the animal world – of course, that is an important life’s purpose for Human beings. But I see the main one as something different … As Humans perfect the Divine world order, they themselves will necessarily become more and more perfected, and there is no limit to be seen to this phenomenon. Great resources will open up before them … Creation in divine, living nature perfects the creator. And there is no end in sight to the heights such great creation can reach — there is eternity.” [10.12]

In Anastasia’s future Russia, people have decommissioned polluting factories [5.8] and beautified cities with edible verges and pedestrian zones. [5.14] Most have moved out of the cities into the surrounding countryside, building homes and planting gardens, creating their family homesteads. Colourful settlements bring fertility and abundance back to the Earth which had been abandoned, poisoned by toxic chemicals, or compressed under the weight of lumbering machinery.

If perfecting our environment and our selves is the main idea, there is an equally important concept, permeating the second half of the series, that provides the practical way forward. 

“Anastasia showed people not only the meaning and essence of Divine nourishment, but also how to arrive at it …”

“Her homesteads . . . ” [7.13]

artwork by Kumar Alzhanov

Family homestead, the dimension of love

“‘Family homestead’ is a word-combination backed by the most powerful of images, images capable of settling a person in a Divine dwelling land. Judge for yourself, Vladimir: the first three letters of this word-combination form the word “rod”. “Rod” means the people who come into life one after another, and the first of these came from God. Each person born today takes their place at the head of this great chain. It is within their power to settle their “rod” in one dwelling land or another. In a stone cell or in the beautiful space of their family homestead. Or – they can break the family chain altogether. It is within their power to nourish their family with Divine creation, or with food that doesn’t bear the energy of the Soul.” …

“Family homestead – please, Vladimir, think about it. Family homestead – two words. One word-combination. As soon as a person utters it, then the person – who perhaps hasn’t yet even fully realized their aspiration – except subconsciously – has given voice to it: ‘I gather together my entire family line and settle it here.’” [10.15] The family homestead (родовое поместье) is the iconic idea of the Ringing Cedars series. Anyone who’s read past Book 5 will know how much Vladimir and Anastasia both keep dwelling on the little hectare of earth that each person should create for themselves and their progeny.

The basic features of the Anastasia’s family homestead design are a living fence (hedge) around the boundaries, three quarters or half the hectare planted with forest trees, a shallow pond to catch the seasonal rain, and a small animal enclosure at the edge of the forest made of living shrubs. In the forest are bee troughs and berry bushes, and vegetables can be grown among the grasses in the central clearing. [4.27] The house should not be too big or solid, because future people will want to live a bit differently. And of course everything should be done with love. [4.28]

Anastasia describes the task of designing our homestead as a kind of exam, one of the Vedian rites that formed a youth’s education among our ancestors. [6.5] Of course each homestead will have its own character and personality, a material trace of the inhabitants’ quality of thought. And it should have the amenities necessary to be comfortable. Anastasia emphasises that the transition to a new way of life should be gradual. [4.28]

Taken together, family homesteads offer enormous potential to transform our society and environment. They provide food and housing, meaningful employment, increase agricultural productivity and landscape fertility. They promote health and foster good relations within and among families, providing a calm place to foster the energy of love. Overall, the prognosis is overwhelmingly positive, and this has been confirmed by numerous academic enquiries (see Report). Opposition is only from the same tired group of destructive vested interests and their lackeys.

In short, family homesteads address all the pressing problems facing our civilisation today. According to Megre, the keywords to solving our global predicament are “family homestead,” “Ringing Cedars of Russia” and “Anastasia”. [10.21]

“If these kinds of homesteads would multiply, the Earth would be garbed in a blooming, Divine garden. In Vedian culture each knew that humans are given eternal life, that beautiful life is repeated when there is a desire for what is beautiful in what is living! Homesteads! The Vedian culture’s homesteads!” [6.5]

If the government were to support the creation of family homesteads, we would see a far quicker uptake of the idea. This could be by making land available by zoning, and by purchasing land from voluntary sellers (retiring farmers, for example) to be allotted to willing recipients. An agricultural requirement could be imposed to separate the allotments from the general housing market, reducing impact on people’s real estate investments. What’s important is that people would be adding value to the landscape, providing their own sustenance and employment, planting gardens and building homes. Megre enthusiastically elaborates the many benefits of family homestead settlements:

Vladimir said, “Unemployment entirely disappears, and the government need not worry about what will happen when unprofitable businesses shut down. Social tension falls sharply. Stratification into poor and rich no longer elicits rage and envy in most people. People have found more important priorities than how much money one has. Consciously communing with the land opens up possibilities and horizons for humanity that the technocratic mind can’t even imagine, not even in science fiction films. For this reason, I believe that all of us, all together, need to try to fathom what lies at the heart of the secret of this communing. Changing the way a significant portion of the population lives will eliminate the possibility of an ecological disaster on a planetary scale.” [10.21]

Anastasia said, “For a long time now, I’ve been under the impression that even so, neither you nor I, nor the people who are creating homesteads are aware of some key purpose of theirs. Many sense it intuitively, and for this reason the thought to create a family homestead draws people in. This thought is on the level of feelings. They are not fully clear or grasped. Something very important for the future and for eternity has not been grasped.” [10.30]

Volodya said, “The entire family homestead is the home … the person should wipe their feet before they walk in, if something has stuck to them, and even if nothing has, they need to do this mentally.” [10.30]

and there, before delving any further into the homestead, let us pause to mentally wipe our feet, until part 2.

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