How to rent a car in Mauritius?

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    How to rent a car in Mauritius?
    A vacation in Mauritius is an unforgettable experience that can be improved by renting a car. This contributes to a more flexible route planning and allows you to explore the island at your own pleasure. However, as in any other country, renting a car in Mauritius can be quite a confusing procedure. Today we will look at the steps necessary to rent a car in Mauritius.
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    Collecting information.
    The first step in preparing to rent a car in Mauritius is to study information about car rental companies on the island. Identify companies that have a base location near your hotel or airport. You can also look at customer reviews to get more information.
    Driving license.
    Do not forget that the driver must have a driver’s license. If you are a foreigner, it is necessary that you have an international driving license valid in Mauritius.
    Find the most suitable car rental company and book a car in advance. This ensures that it will be available at the right time and you will not have to look for another company when you are already in place.
    Photos of the car.
    When you pick up the car, take photos of all sides of the car so that there will be no disputes when returning the car.
    It is necessary to purchase additional insurance in order to reduce the risks of possible damage to the car. It would be a better option if you also purchased personal insurance.
    Traffic Laws.
    It is important to know the rules of the road in Mauritius, as left-hand traffic can cause some difficulties.
    Delivery of the car.
    Before handing over the car, check all corners of the car and make sure that it is in perfect condition. Return the car in the same condition as you received it.
    As you can see, renting a car in Mauritius is not difficult if you prepare adequately and adhere to these tips. A well-planned trip and car rental can turn into an unforgettable trip on the territory of Mauritius.

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