Family Homesteads at the G20!

Let’s bring the idea of Family Homesteads directly to the G20!

Anyone can vote in favour of this project, and those projects with the most votes will win a seat at the upcoming G20 summit.

Let’s send this thing worldwide!

If the bid is successful, Vladimir Megre will be representing the Family Homesteads movement and presenting the idea to the conference of nations.

Please take a moment to hit the link and show your support — it only takes a few seconds.

And if you are more interested, definitely take the time to read through the Family Homestead project. This is perhaps the clearest and most succinct description of what we are doing, which has ever been exposed! (Although sometimes the English is not perfect, since it’s been translated from German!)

“The Family Homestead movement has been developing in Russia for more than 15 years.

Family Homestead – is perfection of the dwelling land in its broadest sense.

Family Homestead – is a philosophy of life, aimed at fostering a strong family as a basis for a prosperous state.”

From Ringing Cedars:

Dear readers!

We write in haste with joyful news! Vladimir Megre participates in the contest #youforG20
This is a contest, thanks to which we, a big team, together with Vladimir Megre, will be able to make the world a better place!

Vote here: launches the campaign # youforG20 to find the best projects on the most global topics that are on the agenda at the G20 summit. All those who help civil society with their projects are invited to participate in the contest!
Vladimir Megre represents “Family Homestead project”, which has already improved the lives of many people! Let’s help to spread this idea to even more people! In the process of online voting, the Internet community will select five best projects, and after the jury will select the winning project. The jury consists of representatives of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, editions of and experts in the field of civil projects.

Read about the project:

You can help by giving your voice for Vladimir Megre’s Project! The voting has already been opened since June 19th! Hurry up to cast your vote for a better future!

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Make reposts and spread it to your friends! The results of the competition will be published on the website

Watch the video of the project:

On a national scale, according to many scientists, familiar with the idea firsthand, the creation of family homesteads will lead to following favorable changes:

1. Fast recovery of soil fertility will happen in the family homesteads and settlements. There will be a safe environment for human habitation. Healthy, organic food will be available in the near future.
2. The nation’s health will start to improve. New confidence will increase the birth rate in the future.
3. The problem of housing in the cities will be reduced. The decrease in the concentration of people in cities will solve the problem of overpopulation of large cities.
4. Will start the revival of the village. Economic boom will take place, especially in building industry.
5. The self-sufficiency of the family with the food will reduce the problems of social security: pensions, unemployment and child benefits and so on.
6. The problem of ecology will be solved. The solution of environmental problems will contribute to the development of tourism at the state level, especially the development of ecotourism. Interest will increase to unprecedented scale, because a new way of life will attract a lot of tourists. Income-generating hotels, recreation centers, healing centres can be built near the settlements.

— Family Homestead project