Family homestead settlements – 20 years on


Twenty years have already passed since Vladimir Megre’s books came out. Many positive events have occurred in this time. Books in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series have inspired millions of readers around the whole world to beautiful creation. Influenced by the books, many people have profoundly changed their worldview and even their way of life.

“After I read the books, I experienced a transformation in my consciousness: My thought processes began working much more quickly, the process of reevaluating my values began, and I had the urge to create a strong, Vedruss family, and I’m very happy that my dreams materialised.”

“I read the ‘Ringing Cedars of Russia’ books, which I liked very much, and which enhanced my picture of the world. Anastasia’s recommendation about how to give birth to and raise children is particularly valuable. And in general, there’s a great deal of useful information for men and women of all ages.”

The readers of Vladimir Megre’s books have been united by the idea of life on a Family Homestead. This is a person’s small homeland, where people live who are related both by blood and spirit. Here they live in harmony with themselves and with nature.

For twenty years already, people have been bringing to life the idea of setting up a family homestead, which has been described in the books. Reading the books, people glimpsed not only an image of a beautiful future for their country, but also an image of the planet’s future. This image began to inspire people, and they dubbed it a national idea. But today, judging by the reactions in other countries, you can call this image an international idea. Many people who read Vladimir Megre’s books began to understand for the first time what each person can do to make a beautiful future reality.

The image of the family homestead is a new paradigm. It signals to the world a swift shift in strategy and tactics in all spheres of activity, ecological, economic, political, social and demographic, tactics in the search for new, realistic ways out of the desperate situation in which humankind finds itself as a whole.

It would seem that “family homestead” is a simple combination of words. Then why has it had such an effect on people? Why has it begun inspiring them to take concrete action? Why are scientists getting together at round tables and discussing it? Why are leaders of spiritual denominations talking about it? Most likely it’s because behind this phrase, presented by Anastasia, the heroine of Vladimir Megre’s books, we can see a profound philosophy about the intended purpose of humans living on earth.

“A family homestead is such a deep thing. It’s what connects you to your family line, with the one below you and the one that will be above you. And this gives you astounding energy, health and power. It is a tremendous piece of good luck to live on the earth.”

“We’ve already been here 3 years. We really like it here. The little ones are really happy to come here, because here we really do fill ourselves up with health, we fill ourselves up with a sense of peace, we get connected to nature, and both our bodies and souls relax. We like it here. We feel good here.”

If one family – just one, single family – transforms its one-hectare-sized parcel into a heavenly oasis and grasps the intended purpose of plants, if a person tells themself they are creating this heavenly oasis in memory of their distant and recent ancestors, if a person says that they are creating this heavenly oasis for their future generations, and if they implement what they have said, then this person will become the head of their family line.

The person will unite the forgotten souls of their ancestors with their own soul and the souls of their future descendants. Such a person cannot die. They can only be transformed. If one family – just one family – transforms its hectare-sized parcel into a heavenly oasis, this will be a microscopic point on the universal scale, but if there are millions of families like this one, then the entire planet will be transformed into a beautiful oasis and will delight the stars that behold it.

“A family homestead is a tiny little corner for our family, where we’ll create our own space for our little ones, for future generations, where every little corner will be imbued with our warmth, with our care and love. We’ll put in beautiful trees and gardens. We’ll create a paradise on this little piece of earth. We’ll create a genuine space of love, as Anastasia put it. And it’s really great that it’s precisely in family homestead settlements that good, strong families with the right values are creating their own family homesteads and raising their children and living alongside each other. It’s much easier and more interesting to accomplish the move and create your own family homestead among like-minded people.”

Today’s creators of family homesteads in Russia are not fleeing modern reality. Rather, having settled on their family homesteads, they are making their own contribution to the development of the country. People are building strong families, they are giving birth to healthy children, and they are setting up the space of their dreams: a cozy and light home, an orchard, a pond with pure water, and a garden. The children go to schools, enroll in universities, and people develop professionally.

“I really love my work – I’m a beautician. I tried out many professions, and I finally found myself. I’ve been working as a beautician for more than 25 years now. I worked in Novoe Urengoi as a staff beautician for Gazprom, and I also had an office in Vladimir. Then I moved here, but I love my work, so what did I do? While the construction was still going on, the verandah was already done, so I put my chair and little cabinet out there, and I already had my first clients, even before the house was built. Then the idea was born to create an office in the bathhouse, and it worked out. All my clients really like it. They like the atmosphere on my homestead and they like the atmosphere of my office, because I like all of this very much myself.”

The settlers’ values change: they lead a healthy way of life and change themselves for the better. If a person changes their life, they change the world as a whole. Today in Russia, we know officially of more than 370 family homestead settlements that have been established, and their number is growing every year. That’s 370 new communities on the territory of Russia. People who have been inspired by Vladimir Megre’s books are restoring abandoned lands, planting thousands of various plants, growing ecologically pure produce, building roads, and laying electrical lines.

“Our settlement has very recently tuned one year old, and in the space of one year we’ve had a pretty good number of families join us—42, from various corners of our immense motherland, and families have also been coming from other countries: from Germany, and families from America are coming soon, as well as our Russian families. The first homes are already being built on the plots, and in the settlement we’ve dug a series of reservoirs, and we’re making good-quality roads.”

“In April last year we began to work on this public garden we’d decided put in this barren area. We processed the necessary documents and drew up plans for the garden. We had it in our plan to plant 400 trees, maples, oaks, sycamores, 150 fruit trees, there are plums and pear trees and apricot trees. We planted 80 pine trees alone! And today we planted 50 junipers. We’ve run a water line in.”

Such positive beginnings by citizens have not gone unnoticed by the government. By decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, a law has been signed regarding the “Far East Hectare”, according to which Russian citizens can receive a hectare of land to use for free, in one of nine areas of the country. Aman Tuleev, Governor of the Kemerovo Region, is also offering land for family homesteads. In Belgorod, a law regarding the Family Homestead is already in effect. At a session of the Presidium of the State Council dedicated to policy in the area of the family, motherhood and childhood, the decision was made to allot 250 Belgorod villages and hamlets for family homesteads.

Today, the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” books are being published in 27 countries, with print runs in the millions, and they have been translated into 25 languages. People are continuing to read, dream, and bring their dreams to life. It makes us happy that books by a Russian author have inspired readers in other countries. We will be happy to welcome residents of family homestead settlements from other countries and to share our experiences. We’re interested to find out how the movement to create family homesteads is developing throughout the entire world. After all, we all have one common goal: to make our world better! The more settlements of this type there are, the more the planet will be transformed.

“The more substantial and light the goal is, the more power of light will be attracted to carry out and achieve it.”

“The echo, the vibration that runs like a thread through all the books, reverberates inside you, in your heart, and in your soul. Because we are all one united whole, regardless of where you live. Whether it’s in the Czech Republic, Russia, Georgia or America, we are all one whole, we are all humankind and we live on the planet Earth. I wish everyone peace, love, happiness, prosperity, openness and goodness of the soul. And I thank all of you because all of you live on this planet together with me.”

“Hello! Come to see us! Invite us to come see you!”

“I invite guests from abroad to our wonderful, amazing Russia. I invite all readers of Vladimir Megre’s ‘Ringing Cedars of Russia’ books. Here you can see in actual reality the way this dream, and this amazing, fantastic book, have been realized in real life. I invite all people who live on the planet Earth.”

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