Family homestead festival, Ukraine 2018

Here’s another holiday we gathered together. How good it is, what happiness is it when, united by one dream, one mind, people have the opportunity to get together and create something beautiful together! The holiday spreads, feasts grow, new families are created, new inhabitants are born in settlements. It is nice to see that every year the wellbeing of people grows, crafts and family farms are reviving and developing. And the products grown, made by hand, pleasant eyes and taste – beautifully decorated, excellent quality. Living on earth, people worthy of being happy and wealthy! And let it be so!

There are songs, joyful children running, having fun with all their space with a ringing laugh, shining bright and warm, summer warm sun, every year during the holidays, and something extremely pleasant and gentle envelops the whole space around, like an invisible silent and cozy tent. Ukraine is not a field and a forest, Kiev is not houses and museums – it’s primarily people, people who are good to be together, have fun and have fun!

Thank you very much to everyone who was involved in the organization and holding of the Birth of the Family Places in Pirog, first of all the Families of the Rest, who took on such a great, useful and good deed – to serve people for the sake of happiness and joy.

Special thanks for the original design of the setting – I just wanted to kiss each tree, it is so nice and pleasant))

Live Well and Praise the Parents of Ukraine!

Glory to All Good People on Earth! And Glory to the Creator!
Sincerely, Svetlana Mudrak.


A holiday where friends meet!

Volodymyr Nizhenets, one of the founders and organizers of the Family Relaxation Camp “Family Cradle”. And the Real Cossack!


Who else is not singing with us – join! Let’s sing together!

A holiday where friends meet, smile, hug, dance and sing!

What else to do on this Earth, how not to rejoice in life and not to glorify all life!?

Morning of the new day of the festival :)))

A miracle! Fair of masters and their beautiful creations from the Family Homesteads of Ukraine! Thank you friends for the fact of us being together, for work, love and skill! Well done to all of us!

Preparation of the layout for the competition of the Family Homesteads of Ukraine!

Sunny Bards disperse the clouds with songs!
And they make it turn out well!
Sing songs about the sun
And people’s hearts are kindled!

The Pirogovo Museum. Holiday of Family Homesteads. Another festival. Regular meetings with friends! Regular master classes on fast embroidery! This time, one of the participants is a group of girls together with their teacher!

Competition of the Family Homesteads of Ukraine!


One more pleasant acquaintance. Alexander Linnik. Potter and bard, the true one who sings with the Soul, is sincerely inspired. When a soul sings in a person – you want to listen and listen, even if it is same song over and over.


And the background! – I want to jump over that ditch and run through the field into the forest to find mushrooms!))



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