Dobrolyubovka settlement of family homesteads

Penza region, Luninsky district, Rodniki area.

The settlement of Dobrolyubovka has existed for 156 years. In 1859 the landowner (his surname is unknown) gave peasants land and built houses on these lands, with the condition that the settlement would be named Dobrolyubovka (“Good love”).

In those days it was a large settlement and people lived on their own plots. Each family had a garden and their own apiary. From the words of one old resident of this settlement, “It was a wonderful place”. However, it soon fell into decay, like many villages.

In 2017, thanks to the readers of the books of Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre, the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series, we decided to revive the settlement in a new form – Dobrolyubovka settlement of family homesteads. Earth waited for people to come!

This decision was approved by an old resident of the settlement, whose family has lived on these lands for 150 years. This is a Settlement of Family Homesteads, within the idea of ​​the Family Homestead, described in the books of Vladimir Megre, the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series.

Now the property of the settlement includes 15 hectares of agricultural land. Another 6 hectares of settlement land have electricity and huge centuries-old trees, in groves. The size of the settlement land can be increased without limit. There is a register of sites and Charter of the settlement by which the land is registered as the property of residents.

There is a village school within walking distance. The city of Penza is 40 km away. The regional center of Lunino is 7 km away. The roads to the settlement are asphalted.

Nature and water
The natural environment is like all through the middle part of Russia. There are a huge number of berries and mushrooms. There are many springs on the land, with the purest water. Water lies at a depth of 2 – 2.5 meters. This is convenient for wells that do not require large amounts of money to build. Additional filters to purify the water are not needed. The first new inhabitants will receive plots with electricity, if they so wish.

In Dobrolyubovka settlement of family homesteads, we are waiting for good neighbors, readers of books by V. N. Megre. Families with children are welcome.

There are now 368 settlements of family homesteads in Russia according to the international portal.

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Anastasia Fund News Service (August 9, 2017)
Translated by Kemble Dawson Walker