Cocreating Homeland — Vladimir Megre addresses his readers

I appeal to you, readers of my book series “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”! Mark my words! Your ardent souls and hearts will help to perceive what I am saying and what is unsaid in this appeal. Your feelings and minds have already grown the sprouts of a beautiful future for Russia and the world. It was you who felt the heartbeat and aspirations of the heroine of the books, the Siberian Anastasia, and followed her appeal.

It is you, often with difficulty finding funds, who have acquired and continue to acquire weed-covered plots of land on which to create your family homesteads, your small Homeland, your space of love. To create in memory of your ancestors, for living children and future generations, a paradise oasis worthy of the life of a rational person.

One hectare of earth is just a microscopic point on our planet. But even that, having felt the touch of the good hands of people, can shine with beauty, radiate the kindness and awareness of its creators, and delight the universal stars. And when there are a lot of these points… When hectares of family homesteads surround large and small cities with the fragrant aroma of spring gardens and flowers, air and water will become pure, and deadly weapons will only remain as museum exhibits. Skeptics will think this is unrealisable, like fable or fantasy, but do not rush to conclusions, folks. Do not hurry!

There are already 400 in our native Russia. No, not hectare-sized dots, but 400 settlements consisting of family homesteads.

Map of the PDP of Russia.jpg
Homestead settlements marked on the map of Russia

In this new type of settlement, people began to relate with new awareness to the land, to their family line. In order not to offend the land of their family homestead, many people abandoned the bad habits of smoking and alcohol.

There are different settlements: large and small, well-maintained and not very good yet, but their number continues to increase, and the infrastructure is improving. This wonderful process could occur much faster and more efficiently if there were a closer relationship with government and society. To implement this relationship, there is a legal mechanism — a political party promoting our ideas and running candidates in local and federal elections. We have a party registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, called “Family Party”.

In anticipation of the elections, we need to organise and conduct a vibrant, information-rich campaign. We have only a short time to prepare. There is a single day of voting for regional authorities in September this year, followed by federal elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. We can be prepared in time if all the people interested in their future, and above all, creators of family homesteads, regardless of whether they are members of Family Party, join the preparation process .

Yes, we see and are creating a beautiful future for our country. But we are unable to explain the impulse of our soul with simple words that are understandable to everyone in society. It’s hard to explain with words; rather it’s easier for a person to realise a beautiful future when they can pick up something from this future, taste and smell its aroma. Do we already have something tangible to offer society? Yes! We can show them!

Come and see what the nascent family homestead settlements look like, of the future prosperous Russia. They are in almost all regions of the Russian Federation. And they exist in the Sudogodsky district of the Vladimir region, only 30 km from the city of Vladimir.

Vladimirskaya Rodnoe.jpg
Family homestead settlement “Rodnoe”, Vladimir region

Someone might say, after having seen these good quality houses with hectare-sized plots: “These people must have had solid capital, to be able to acquire such land and build a decent house on it.” I can understand the course of your thoughts, but let me help you understand otherwise.

Among others, here is one hectare emblematic of the family homestead. There is a solid log house on it and a pit dug for a pond. Fruit trees and bushes grow and at the entrance by the road there is a garage made from boards. Perhaps you will see a woman by the garden beds.

Zhukovs House.jpg
Zhukov’s house

I cannot drive past this hectare without stopping. Why? This hectare was bought for 30,000 rubles (AU$630) by an 80 year old man. As the neighbors built their family homesteads with their families, he alone stood thoughtfully among the weeds and overgrown forest, or walked with difficulty measuring his hectare perimeter. Then the old man set up a soldier’s tent and slowly began to plant fruit bushes. His neighbors helped him build a small bathhouse. Learning from the settlers about the strange old man, I came to him. I wanted to know what he was striving for and try to convince him to return to the city closer to modern medicine. But I couldn’t. He was too unusual in his judgement.

When he entered his home, bending over a small table, the old man wrote down poetry in a notebook. I asked and he read them. They are about homeland and love, about the meaning of life.

When I opened the door to leave, the old man stopped me with the words, “Vladimir, do not worry about me. I’m alright. Like never before. I am just starting to live a meaningful aspiring life.”

“Where are you looking?” I asked him, and with a smile, he calmly and confidently answered.

“Looking to the future you wrote about in your books. I want to see it. And I want to wait for a woman with a soul like your Anastasia Siberian. She will come if I become worthy of her. So I am creating a family homestead to be worthy of a woman with a beautiful soul.”

In disbelief I did not intrude on his unusual dream and, saying goodbye, went outside and got into the car. I rode along the highway to Vladimir city and thought only of the old man and his pipe dream.

Where the country road adjoined the highway, I stopped my Lexus and went into the wind with drops of autumn rain. I knew this road would lead to another settlement of family homesteads that was still under construction, in which a lone woman in a wheelchair is trying to set up her own hectare. Somehow, she herself had already built flower beds, lives in a tent and draws on the pages of an album everything involved in creating her future home that’s convenient to traverse in a wheelchair.

In a neighbouring settlement, a single mother with two young children is also trying to equip her family homestead and build a house.

All of them are my readers and for some reason I feel responsible for them. Apparently the taiga hermit Anastasia really gave me a magic feather, and I must be careful with it. I can understand when businessmen take up Anastasia’s family homesteads. But a person in a wheelchair is dreaming, not understanding that they cannot build a house. A single mother with two young children, too, will not be able to turn a hectare growing with weeds into a blooming oasis. But she does not understand this. And how could an old man such an impossible thing come up in his declining years that a woman comes to him with a beautiful soul and begins to live with him on his homestead?

There are clearly a lot of them! In Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, my readers with a passionate pipe dream of a beautiful future. Well, fine if they would only dream, but they even seek to manifest this this impossible reality. Surely, I have to be careful with this pen Anastasia gave me. I thought about this more than once. But soon I realized that I had underestimated the possibilities of the Siberian taiga hermit, or the possibilities of a human dream.

About three years passed and the woman in the wheelchair Margarita Vasilievna, meeting me, waved her hand from the veranda of her house. Everything was accessible to her. Wooden walkways were laid from the house to the summer kitchen, and she had thought out a passage to an unusual arbour. In this gazebo she hosted a famous American family. The head of the family after a car accident also ended up in a wheelchair. There was a translator in our company, people talked to each other and joked. How very handy that the neighbour brought hot, freshly baked bread.

A Russian woman, who despite the odds built her wonderful home, and an American, were sitting in wheelchairs, looking at each other and without a translator and even without words, they were talking to each other about something. I send my greetings to you from an American family who visited the family homesteads of Vladimir region, and I want to tell you — this family bought up hundreds of hectares of land in America on which to create a settlement of family homesteads.

A single mother with many children, Natalya Sergeevna, despite the odds built a house on her hectare, and she also married and gave birth to four more children and now she has six children. And she is slim and beautiful.

Beyond the bounds of understanding by the ordinary mind, fate also developed with the old man. His neighbours told me how one day a woman who came to visit a settlement heard a story about an unusual old man. The neighbours spoke about how he lives, how he is trying to equip his family homestead alone, but it was not clear to people for whom this lonely person was trying so hard.

The woman decided to visit the old man. This tiny woman entered his home and did not leave him until night. You could write an instructive or philosophical novel about the life of these two people, how one can, even in declining years, start a new life. But I will tell you briefly here. The woman who came to visit married the old man. She was 25 years younger. Beautiful, withg some kind of inner passing beauty. And she turned out to be rich. A good-quality house was quickly erected on the homestead. I came to them for a housewarming party.

In the spacious room, a long table was lined with food and many neighbours around it, talking about different things. They discussed how beautifully the Russian stove turned out in the house. An old man dressed in a Russian embroidered shirt was smiling happy, reading his poems to guests.

Suddenly the wife, Raisa Aleksandrovna, the woman who came in a dream, said to the guests, “Do you want me to show you something?”

“Yes we want,” the audience answered.

And she brought out the old man’s a military officer’s tunic. There was silence. People looked at many military orders and medals on the tunic of the Russian Colonel, a front-line soldier.

Zhukov Ivan Dmitrievich.jpg
Zhukov Ivan Dmitrievich

I looked at the tunic and thought, “Where in general do we find our rewards?” This colonel, in front of all his neighbours, won victory in the main battle alone. The colonel won the battle for his dream and for love, for the prosperity of Russia.

Zhukovs Ivan Dmitrievich and Raisa Alexandrovna.jpg
Zhukovs Ivan Dmitrievich and Raisa Aleksandrovna receive guests

Ivan Dmitrievich and Raisa Aleksandrovna lived happily together for four and a half years. The neighbours shot scenes of their tremulous love on a mobile phone. The colonel died in 2013, and his wife did not take his body to the cemetery; she buried him in her family homestead. Such was the will of the hero.

What kind of power did the hermit of the Siberian taiga hide in the phrase “family homestead”? Or in other words, its power is hidden in phrases like “return people to their homeland.”

Not in words, but in reality, the future of the homeland grows beautiful.

Already today, the family homesteads of the Vladimir region and other regions of Russia can give the city hospitals and kindergartens truly environmentally friendly vegetables and fruits. Hundreds of wells dug by family homestead creators provide drinking water for those who wish to live.

Already this spring, in thousands of family homesteads, medicinal herbs will be planted with superior properties to those sold in pharmacies.

Already today, a number of family homesteads produce first-class natural cosmetics and hygiene products.

And in a small Siberian village, under the brand name “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”, production has been organised of cedar products using ancient technology and the warmth of the human hands.

Cedar House.jpg
Megre Cedar House, the entrance to the production of the Ringing Cedars company.

This production also produces cedar oil, which is recognised by both science and traditional medicine as an effective means of increasing immunity.

Cedar House Production.jpg
Production at the “Ringing Cedars” company

I am proud that my children founded this production, and dozens of villagers work on it. I am proud that products from a small Siberian village are sold not only in Russia, but also exported to cities in Europe, America and China, so far in small batches, but showing excellent opportunities for the development of the Russian economy.

I am sure that children raised in family homesteads will become talented and worthy of their parents. This is already happening.

The artistic monumental mosaics of, Ulyana, the daughter of my neighbours on the homestead of Victor and Nina Medikov is already decorating Orthodox Christian churches in Rome, Bari and Barcelona, ​​Catholic churches in Detroit and Krakow. She carried out the orders of the pope. She became a world famous artist.

Our children! Thanks to them, the disarmament race will begin in the world, which Anastasia spoke about. The disarmament race, brought about by a little girl from a family homestead, who learned to be friends with bacteria invisible to her normal vision, and with their help began to explode ammunition she dislikes around the world. I cited the story of Anastasia about this phenomenon in my book. It seemed to me incredibly fantastic.

And suddenly this unusually strange coronavirus, this is what Anastasia said about it:
“What people call the coronavirus, Vladimir, is nothing but a living thinking substance. It is created and launched by the energy of thought and submits to it. It will engage in dialogue with humanity in the language of action.”

And look carefully at the situation. These invisible creatures forced people around the world to suspend their often harmful production, to isolate themselves in their homes, and reflect on their future and the future of all humanity.

I am sure that we can jointly determine the path to a beautiful future and we will create it ourselves.

I thank the scientists of Russian universities, and first of all the group of scientists at Moscow State University who saw what excellent prospects our country enjoys, having inside it the social movement “Ringing Cedars of Russia”, its family homesteads.

Doctor of economic sciences Viktor Yakovlevich Medikov, collected dozens of signatures of scientists in support of the movement for the creation of family estates.

Medikov V.Ya ..jpg
Victor Yakovlevich Medikov, Doctor of Economics

Mikhail Pavlov published scientific works with historical examples to substantiate the excellent development prospects for our country offered by the family homestead movement.

Moscow State University Pavlov M.Yu.jpg
Pavlov Mikhail Yuryevich Ph.D., associate professor of Moscow State University,

Governor of the Belgorod Region, Evgeny Stepanovich Savchenko, had the initiative to adopt the first law on family homesteads in Russia.

E.S.  Savchenko.jpg
Governor of the Belgorod Region Evgeny Stepanovich Savchenko

I also thank those who spread frightening misinformation about the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” movement. This prevented authorities from prematurely organising the movement, thereby providing people with the opportunity to learn how to interact with each other on new principles.

I thank our President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who, despite this stream of misinformation, nevertheless issued a decree on the Far Eastern hectare. Not everything is smooth in this decree, in my opinion, there are some words missing and it is too official. But nevertheless, thanks to it, a mechanism has been developed for obtaining free hectares, which Anastasia spoke about. Now this Decree needs to be extended to the entire territory of Russia, adding the necessary words that can inspire people to universal creation. When the fragrant hectares of family homesteads surround cities big and small, the changes will stretch all the way to the Far Eastern land.

Russia has a great opportunity to stop the pandemic that has swept many countries of our world. Not only to stop, but also to prevent even more serious disasters from following it. It will be possible for everyone to understand what has been said and to invoke their own logic once they become acquainted with simple information.

Against viruses, science cannot yet imagine effective drugs. Even if they were to be invented, it would take months and possibly years of testing their effectiveness and identifying side effects. The Russian government, as well as other countries, in order to at least somehow stop the spread of the virus, have reduced air and rail transportation of passengers, imposed a ban on cultural events, and urged people to self-isolate in their homes.

Self-isolation in a modern apartment can to some extent reduce the risk of contracting an infectious disease. But self-isolation in the confined space of an apartment for most people will have a negative side effect. Having lost the usual way of life under pain of infection, not seeing the bright prospects for further life, a person will certainly fall into depression, which in turn will significantly lower their immunity, and, therefore, increase the risk of illness from many diseases. Self-isolation in a country house on a 600 sqm. plot increases the risk of infection since the density of plots is too high. It is enough for a sick neighbor working behind a netting fence to sneeze, and infection has occurred.

Families that set up their lives on family homesteads have the greatest degree of protection against coronavirus.

What is a family homestead in the modern sense? This is a one hectare plot of land, along the perimeter of which a green hedge is planted. Inside there is a house, a pond, a well with living water, a garden, a vegetable garden, a small forest zone of valuable trees, flower beds of medicinal herbs, cedars, exuding volatile oils that disinfect the air. In such a lively paradise, the family will undoubtedly be the most protected from any viruses, and in case of illness, a living house will help cope with them.

Family homesteads effectively solve economic issues for both the individual family and of the state as a whole. A person on a hectare of land provides themselves with their own work and income from it.

A person living in a family homestead can also work remotely since modern means of communication allow many professions to do this. It is likewise possible to commute to work at a factory in a nearby city. In this case, to free up time, you could reduce the number of garden beds in the homestead, increasing areas of forest and meadow that do not require so much care.

The family homestead can provide even a large family with first-class food products, and the surplus can be consumed by city residents.

The family homestead offers not only first-class food, clean air and life-giving water. The realisation that a person creates an oasis in memory of their ancestors for the happy life of their children and future generations, introduces them to eternity and gives a powerful charge of energy.

And to you, readers of my books, I want to ask you to carefully consider the plan presented by the doctor from the future, which outlines the interaction of the creators of the family homesteads with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and research and medical institutions. This plan is very relevant today, including for overcoming all kinds of epidemics, including COVID-19.

А на Земле быть добру!
On Earth shall be good!

Sincerely, Vladimir Megre

Published in Russian on 24 May 2020 at
Translated into English on 3 June 2020 by Kemble Walker