Aritsa Family Homestead Settlement, Saratov Region, Russia

Hello good people, friends and like-minded people!

In the Saratov region of Russia, in a beautiful place by the river, on the foundations of the 300-year-old village of Staraya Yablonka, we have founded the Family Homestead Settlement “Aritsa”, along with the “Happiness” school. Our village is surrounded on all sides by forests and mountains, and on one side of the village is the Khvalyn National Park, a total area of ​​24,000 hectares. There are many animals of all kinds.

The village stands on the bank of the Volga River. Our Family Homestead Settlement is named after the ancient name of the river, “Arica”. In the nearby town of Khvalynsk there is a new ski resort, “Khvalyn“. It’s the place to ride for lovers of downhill skiing and snowboarding!

In our village there is a little lake, the culture house that we use for celebrations, a small food store and a post office. The children go to school in the nearest larger village, Alekseyevka. We have a lot of apiaries with a lot of honey. There are many gardens and spring-fed ponds. In spring, many different songbirds come.

At the moment there are nine free plots of 1.1 hectares in glade number 1, zoned “agricultural”, and there are also two plots of 1.5 hectares, zoned “settlement land” – they can be built upon immediately. The land is leased for 49 years with the right to purchase. The rent per year (including administration fee) for agricultural lots is 150 rubles (~AU$3.80) per 1 hectare, and for settlement land is 3.500 rubles (~AU$83) per 1 ha.

In the village there is spring water, electricity and gas available. In the village there are old houses with adjoining plots of 1 hectare or more. On this basis, it is possible to build a family homestead right in the village. This is suitable for those who need infrastructure immediately (water, road, electricity, gas).

Come and see, we are waiting, and we invite only LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE who have read all the books of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, those who really want to build a Family Homestead and live in it 🙂 🙂 :), revive the lifestyle of the original primordial Vedrus culture! We also invite businessmen with pure thoughts. Together we will create a new Russia! Together, one can do a lot of good. We ask those who disagree not to waste their time or ours!

Here was born the Vedruss dream
Here is the joy of happiness and flowers
Here the wind is strong by force
Hills and mountains springs
Gardens and forest diversity
Flowers and birds of all species
The distance to the river is happiness
That we came here with you
That we have laid roots here
That here we collect our family line
And Russia will be happy
And our people will be happy
We found here the Happiness school
We create a marvelous garden
We surround it with a forest
In which everyone is very happy
To listen to the wind in a low whisper
And walk in silence
I’ll sing, sing with the bell of my soul
How we live slowly
Easy and fun we create
Our new world, it is forever
Having created our homesteads
We created the Father’s plan
Thus He dreamed that we all would live
And we now live in this way
The idea is constantly accelerating
Flies faster day by day
Our purest planet among
Planets and among the stars
Loving joy dressed
And the brightness of pure morning grew,
This is life, this is happiness
We live here, and I and you
Bad weather goes away forever
Like all that vanity
The fun hour has come, and light
Then in the settlement a good way
This Vedrus of all the planet
Remember this, do not forget
O, Arica in the centuries is sung
Mighty bright pure be
The river from the mouth to the source
In you the essence flows from God
We celebrate with you Kupala
And twist the life of the wheel
That without end and without beginning
Then Kolo Circle Love Ring
And seeing the world so happy
Inhaling the herbs of all the fragrance
We say, the soul is beautiful
You are our neighbour and you are our brother
You Russian, Rus, you are a warrior of Light
You are the son, you are the son of the Father
You own a planet
Love always lives in the hearts
In the gardens Love lives everywhere
In the forest and in the rustle of the grass
With you, we all sat down
Now here we look at the fruits!
We created a settlement
That in honor of the river we called
Arica is our symbol of Light
Unity, life and love
Let the whole planet be happy
In harmony while living
We have approved the life of the Law
Truth Truth and Love
Here we revive the way of life of our ancestors
And comprehend the essence of life …

We are settled, we live constantly on our native land, in the family homestead. We will be glad to meet the like-minded people who want to find land for their Family Homestead, next to us, in the village or in the surrounding territory. Call, write, we always welcome good people!

Radosvet and Arina.

Tel. 89271212109