Родная Партия presented the Family Homestead idea at ONF conference

By Родная Партия

Hello, friends. The Round table on family homesteads at the ONF has just ended. In total, more than 250 people took part in it, both in person and remotely. Twelve people from different regions participated in the in contingent of representatives of family homestead settlements, from the Crimea to Siberia. Representatives of settlements from 10 regions, including the Far East, had the opportunity to make presentations.

Among the invited representatives from the Russian Federation public sphere were the deputy chairman of the Commission for the Development of Agribusiness and Rural Areas, the chairman of the Association of Peasant (Farm) Households and Agricultural Cooperatives, a representative of the Institute of Agricultural Economics, a representative of the Executive Committee of the Russian Agrarian Movement, State Duma deputies, Representatives of the relevant parliamentary committees, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economic Development.

The idea of ​​arranging out-of-town, rural areas on the basis of the family homestead idea was generally perceived positively. Discussion and drafting began of the law “On Family Homesteads”. A decision was made to announce similar roundtables in regional areas with the help of the regional executive committees of the ONF.

General coordination of regional participation in this issue is carried out by the Federal Coordination Council of Родная Партия in conjunction with the regional branches of the party. For all questions concerning the holding of regional round tables, write to the e-mail address of the FCC of the party: fks@родпарт.рф (responsible contacts: A V Samokhin, M S Pelmeneva).

Right now, the informal communication between participants of the round table confirms vivid interest in our idea from members of the public, the scientific community and the authorities.

Details will come in the following posts. Follow our news.

First published in Russian 12 May 2018